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CISIS / MyoRing implantation and KERALUX Crosslinking are the latest and most effective treatment options for keratoconus.

1 - CISIS - MyoRing

... the latest technology for keratoconus treatment in eyes where visual acuity is already impaired.

CISIS is the first and only technology which can achieve both, improvement of vision and stop of progression.

Safe and effective: MyoRing keratoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure which lasts only 10 - 15 minutes  - just under topical anesthesia (eye drops). It is preoperatively as well as postoperatively free of pain. The rehabilitation period is short and the healing of the tiny would lasts less than 1 day. No suture. No eye patch. The long term results are excellent and cover already 10 years of experience and more than 10.000 treated eyes. More than 95% of the treated eyes show a significant and permanent improvement of visual acuity. MyoRing keratoplasty is among the safest surgical procedures in ophthalmology at all and can replace both, contact lenses as well as corneal transplantation in most cases. CISIS / MyoRing offers even something like "cure" of the disease. MyoRing is approved as a medical device in the EU since 2007.

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2 - KERALUX - Corneal Crosslinking

...  the latest technology for keratoconus treatment in eyes who suffer from progression of the disease but having still a good visual acuity.

KERALUX Crosslinking allows a homogeneous energy tranfer even in the steepest and most affected area of the cornea.

Safe and effective: Conventional corneal crosslinking is a globally accepted therapy of keratoconus. The intention of corneal crosslinking is to stop the progression of the diesease by stiffening the cornea. A major step to achieve this objective is to transfer an energy of 5.4 J/cm2 to the corneal tissue via UV-A light irradiation. In conventional corneal crosslinking the effective energy transferred to a certain point of the cornea depends on the local steepness. Since the local steepness of the cornea in keratoconus varies, however, from point to point and also from patient to patient conventional crosslinking is therefore not able to provide the right UV-A energy to all parts of the cornea. This is unfortunately in particular true for the steepest and most affected area of the cornea. Treatment failure rates of up to 15% are reported. KERALUX crosslinking is a new technology which is able to provide homogeneous UV-A energy transfer to the cornea independent from the local steepness. This is achieved by an homogenizing irradiation channel instead of a free irradiation path. KERALUX is approved as a medical device in the EU since 2017.

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History of the technologies

2003: DIOPTEX GmbH ( was founded by Dr. Albert Daxer as a research and development company to improve the treatment possibilities in keratoconus and difficult cases of myopia. The project was financially supported by the AWS (Austria Wirtschaft Service), the support bank of the Republic of Austria for new and innovative technologies.

2006: Approval of PocketMaker Ultrakeratome as medical device in the EU.

2007: Approval of MyoRing as medical device in the EU.

2008 - 2014: Treatment trials in more than 20 countries around the world were performed to prove the safety and effectivity of the MyoRing-technology under routine conditions. These trials included more than 7000 eyes and were financially supported by the Austrian Research and Science Fund (FFG). The result is a mature treatment technology which allows the trained surgeon to achieve the best possible result in any given case. There is currently no treatment option of keratoconus being as effective and safe as CISIS / MyoRing.

2014: The International Keratoconus Centre was founded by Dr. Albert Daxer.

2017: Approval of Keralux as a medical device in the EU.

2018: Launch of Keralux.

The technologies are protected by international patents.

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The Centre

The International Keratoconus Centre is located right between Munich and Vienna and surrounded by the most beautiful landscape with lakes and mountains.


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The MyoRing is less visible than a contact lens.