Dr. Daxer International Keratoconus Centre

Salzburger Strasse 65

4060 Wels


Appointment: +43-676-7900586 or here for treatment, examination and online consultation.

The Centre is located in Wels a city of some 60.000 inhabitants right in between Vienna and Munich. Vienna as well an Munich are cities with international airports and inter-connected via a fast railroad and a highway. Wels is connected to both, the highway and the railroad between these 2 international cities.

Wels is also not far from Salzburg, the city of Mozart and surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains and lakes. Also Linz, a city of some 200.000 inhabitants located at the danube river is just 10 minutes aways by public transport.Since CISIS is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure and neither during nor after surgery painful, it is certainly possible to combine the treatment with holidays and sightseeing.



Approach from Vienna Airport

Direct public transport link via high speed railroad between Vienna Airport and Keratoconus Centre

Where our patients come from:

Medical facilities

The centre has several departments for examination and treatment. In addition to the Keratcoconus Centre core area which is in particular equipped for high end keratoconus treatment, there is also a seperate surgical theatre for performing corneal transplantations and other intra-ocular procedures and a laser-vision center equipped with the latest Femtosecondlaser and Excimer Laser technology for Laser-vision correction. More than 95% of the MyoRing treatments are performed in the keratoconus core area and less than 5% in the Laser-vision area.