MyoRing - Improvement of Vision.

More than 95% of the MyoRing-treated eyes show a permanent improvement of visual acuity.

MyoRing keratoplasty is the result of a long and extensive research and developmental process which was especially aimed at keratoconus treatment. Frequently, this technology is able to not only replace contact lenses, but also cornea transplantations. It combines visual rehabilitation with a stop of the progression of the disease in a short and only minimally-invasive treatment.

Keratoconus before
Keratoconus after


As explained in the preceding section “What is keratoconus”, the shape of the cornea of eyes suffering from keratoconus is highly irregular. Thus, they arriving rays of light cannot be focused in one single focal point. Consequently, the eye fails to depict a precise image. The situation of an untreated keratoconus is illustrated in image 1 on the right. The situation after the implantation of the MyoRing is depicted on the right in image 2. The MyoRing is represented by blue dots in the cross-section. Based on the implantation of the MyoRing (blue) into the cornea, its regular shape in coined onto the cornea along its circumference; resembling the way the even surface of a drum is created. Thus, the cornea regains a rather regular structure. Consequently, it is possible to concentrate the arriving rays of light in one focal point again (green) which generates an enhanced depiction of objects inside the eye. A more precise image is created which, mostly, leads to a significantly improved visual acuity. An overview of the mode of action of this therapy can also be accessed by following the discussion of one such case by clicking the image below.